Earlobe Surgery

In recent years, more attention has been paid to the earlobe by the general public and plastic surgeons alike. Both women and men are finding themselves with unwanted, elongated lobes. While age can be a factor, the most common cause is the use of earrings. Heavy earrings can not only stretch the holes where the ears were pierced, but can lengthen the size of the lobes. 

For those that  suffer from long lobes, there is hope. Earlobe reduction surgery is a relatively simple and normal procedure. Under local anesthetic, the surgeon performs straight cuts which excise the earlobe excess as well as the hole that’s been stretched. The ear is then sewed back together as if nothing ever happened. It may take a couple weeks, but the ear can be re-pierced and normal earring activity may resume.

Earlobe reduction surgery is fast and easy with minimal downtime. Local anesthesia means the patient does not have to go under. They are awake and comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Patients are able to return to their normal activities following the procedure. Most patients return to work the next day, and some have even returned immediately after surgery. Earlobe reduction surgery is a truly quick and efficient fix for a problem that can plague an individual for years.