A brow lift, commonly referred to as a forehead lift, is one of the most popular means of addressing volume loss due to aging. Drooping, sagging eyebrows can make an individual look tired and grumpy no matter how energetic they feel. A brow lift is an effective way to freshen up one's look and appear more lively.

The Right Brow Lift for You
There are two types of brow lifts- endoscopic and classic. The classic browlift is performed by making an incision that starts parallel with your ear. The blade will wrap around your hairline from ear to ear. Scarring can occur so your surgeon will work around your hair to minimize this.

The endoscopic version involves a couple small cuts as opposed to a continuous incision. The surgeon will place small anchors under the skin where the incision was made. The anchors are used to pull and keep skin upward. The recovery time is much shorter in this case. There is less cutting and thus less scarring.

Getting Ready for your Brow Lift
Dr. Lee will give you all the details in regards to preparation. Recommendations may include temporarily changing dietary or consumption behavior such as not smoking, drinking alcohol, or eating certain foods. Because certain hairstyles may complicate the procedure, a haircut may be recommended as well.