Mommy Makeover

Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back!

There's no mistaking the rewards of motherhood, but pregnancy, childbirth and the demands of raising a family can all take a toll on your physique. Whether you've recently had your first child or your children are all grown up, you're probably used to putting the needs of your family first. But pregnancy, childbirth, and the demands of motherhood can all take a toll on your body. While diet and exercise can help, it often isn't enough in helping mothers reclaim their pre-baby figures. That's where the Mommy Makeover comes in.

The mommy makeover is a comprehensive procedure that is as unique as you are- for many, a tummy tuck and breast augmentation procedure will be optimal for getting you back to feeling like yourself again. However, it can include a number of other procedures such as thigh lifts, butt lifts, and brachioplasty.

During your consult, Dr. Lee will discuss your problem areas and address any concerns you may have, putting together a comprehensive procedure that will help you meet your goals.