R.F., a 31 year-old doctor who had breast augmentation:

I can’t say enough about Dr. Lee and her staff. I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. The nurses and anesthetist were wonderful on the day of surgery and set me completely at ease. I am VERY pleased with my experience and would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone interested in plastic surgery. It was well worth the trip from the east coast! P.S. I had constricted breasts, which are difficult to “reverse”, and I am happy to report that I now look natural and symmetric.

L.S., a 59 year-old electrician who had eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty):

Words cannot explain how happy I am with everything Dr. Lee has done for me. I have been treated like and individual and Dr. Lee has listened to me and explained to me the process I was having done. The time I wait to see Dr. Lee has never been long, and when it is my turn Dr. Lee gives me her full attention and time. Dr. Lee cares and it shows in her work and attitude towards me. She is the best! I can’t believe that someone so famous is also such a genuinely nice person!

M.Y., a 38 year-old stay-at-home-mom who had a tummy tuck and liposuction:

Thank you so much for such a positive experience! I never once felt as though I was just a number. All of you are quite professional, yet loving and caring…a rare combination in today’s medical environment! I felt as though my heart was as well cared for as my body! Those of us who live in Palm Desert area are truly lucky to have such a fabulous surgeon here in our city – I know that people travel from all over the country to see Dr. Lee.