PDO Thread Lift

Thread lifting is a non-invasive way  to treat a variety of areas on the face and neck, including but not limited to the face and cheeks, jawline, neck, and smooth threads can even be used to get rid of the dreaded “tech neck” creases. Implanted in-office under local anesthesia, threads are a less invasive way to achieve a lift for those who want an alternative to surgery or aren’t at an advanced stage of aging.

During a thread lift, threads are placed under the skin while under local anesthesia. These threads have cusps, or "hooks" that pull the skin up into a more youthful position. One unique feature about these threads is that they're dissolvable, which means the skin absorbs them up over time. Typically, PDO threads will last under the skin for about six months. Once the material has dissipated, the scar track and additional collagen that has been stimulated should continue to hold the tissues in their uplifted place for upwards of a year.

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