Protecting Your Investment

Why Your Home Routine Can Make (or Break) Your Results

The decision to move forward with cosmetic surgery, minimally invasive procedures, or even non-invasive beauty treatments is a choice that is rarely made lightly.  Researching which treatment is best for your needs and meeting with prospective doctors alone can take months before you’re ready to pull the trigger. Additionally, cost, time off work, and being away from everyday obligations are almost always factors as well.

While many patients focus on the process of getting ready for their procedure, it is not uncommon for them to forget to ask their practitioner about what long-term care should be used. How you take care of your results at home is equally as important as finding the perfect doctor to create them in the first place!

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to ensure you are protecting your results (and your investments!) for as long as possible.  

Aftercare Instructions

While this may sound obvious, the first step in helping to cement your new cosmetic results is to follow the aftercare instructions you were provided. To the letter of the law! The protocols, medications, and all other instruction provided to you by your care team are uniquely designed for the procedure you’ve had. Failing to comply with any of them can greatly compromise the success of your results.

Scar Therapy

 If your procedure involves surgery of any kind, you will be working with your surgeon to reduce and prevent the appearance of scars. It is critical to keep your healing skin protected from the sun, even months after your surgery occurred. Using high quality scar therapies will also ensure that your results will be cosmetically pleasing. Tapes or gels that contain silicone are considered the gold standard for helping scars heal beautifully and should be used for at least the first few months after surgery.

Sunscreen Everyday (Yes, everyday!)

This tip goes to every patient who has had surgery, a non-invasive procedure, or who has never been touched by us at all! Daily protection from the sun is an absolute must, and if it’s the only thing you ever do, you’ll be doing yourself a world of good. Aside from helping to prevent skin cancer, the sun is the most powerful factor in the aging process-more so than your genetics and your diet. By protecting your skin from damage in the first place, you may reduce the need for invasive or drastic procedures down the road. Rain or shine, hot weather or cold, SPF of at least 30 should be a part of your daily routine.

Another helpful tip? Stick to physical sunscreens (think Zinc Oxide) instead of chemical ones. They are toxic to your system and can wreak havoc on your complexion.

Medical Grade Skin Care:

High quality skincare is important because it can prevent signs of aging, as well as protecting any new progress you make with your skin. In general, most people can benefit from a brightening agent (think powerful Vitamin C), a retinol of some kind, SPF, and a good moisturizer. It is important to speak to your skin care specialist to ensure that you are using quality products. Many skin care products contain toxic ingredients, ineffective fillers, or are not of a high enough concentration to be of benefit. By getting on a good home care routine you are protecting your skin from needing extra work down the road!