The Permanence of Plastic

The Permanence of Plastic (or is it?)

When I first saw Chrissy Teagan’s post about getting her breast implants removed, my plastic surgeon knee jerk response was "sigh...another one bites the dust!" While it may be easy to think of her decision to remove her 10+ year old breast implants as a failure, her decision sends a strong message about plastic surgery - and one that I give a standing ovation to!
Here is the unspoken truth about plastic surgery: It’s okay to change your mind! Times change, people change. Who could have predicted that during the 90’s, when "waif" was the IT body type, that large, voluptuous buttocks would be in vogue a short 20 years later?
Still, as with everything, there has to be a healthy balance. Yes, cosmetic plastic surgery is a "permanent" body altering event. Often when clients tell me that they are nervous for plastic surgery, I tell them "Good! I'm glad to hear it. You are normal. This is a big deal and a modicum of nervousness shows me that you have respect for the permanent change that is about to happen."

But! There is permanent and then there's “permanent.” The other side of that balance is that permanent change does not need to last forever. In fact, it rarely does. Remember, times change, people change. Your face and body will continue to change. We cannot freeze time and suspend you in space. Change happens, whether surgically or not!
So given that Chrissy has been very public about her plastic surgery and changes to her body, as long as there is sound judgement behind her decision, I applaud her for it!