New Year, New You (New Face)?


Sometimes it happens slowly. Maybe you notice a shadow around the corners of your mouth as you put your make up on in the morning, or two parentheses-like lines on either side of your nose. Sometimes it comes in less like a lamb, and more like a smack upside your head:

“Hey! When did I develop jowls?” or “Why does my neck look like a Shar-Pei?!”

Whichever way it happens to you, “it” inevitably happens to all of us: Aging. You can run, and you certainly can hide (at least for a bit), but at a certain point you may feel like it’s time to visit to your trusted plastic surgeon to do something about it.

As we age, we experience the effects in two primary ways: volume loss and skin laxity. After decades of working to maintain your youth, your skin decides to retire and feels less like making collagen and elastin and more like making you wear a turtleneck even though it’s hot outside. Whether you fall into the category of those who loathe the idea of “aging gracefully” or subscribe to the notion that looking (a little bit) your age is perfectly fine, there are a few wonderful options to help you restore the youth in your face and neck.

The most well-known method for restoring a youthful lower face and neck is the one that frightens people the most, despite it being the gold standard in terms of efficacy. Say the words “facelift” to someone, and it’s not uncommon to hear tales of surgery gone wrong or to see people grimace at the very mention of one.

“Oh, my mother had a friend who had one of those. She looks like she’s caught in a wind tunnel now. Poor thing.”  

“A facelift? No thank you. I don’t want to risk looking like Joan Rivers” (may she rest in peace).

While it’s true that a facelift should be carefully considered, in the hands of an expertly trained surgeon a face and neck lift can turn back the hands of time in a way no other procedure can. Designed to address muscle laxity and excess skin, a traditional face or neck lift tackles the two main signs of aging in one fell swoop. The muscles of your lower face and carefully and precisely tacked back into their proper position, and the excess skin that causes jowls and a loose neck is removed. Meticulously hidden sutures along the curve of your ear are virtually undetectable once they heal. Depending on the age at which you have one done, a face or neck lift can easily last a decade or longer (especially if an at-home regimen is used to protect your investment). While the cost and recovery of this procedure requires a little more planning, it remains the most thorough way to rejuvenate the lower third of the face.

Understandably not everyone looking to restore their youth wants to go through a large procedure or is a good candidate for one just yet.

Enter Thread lifting.

Created nearly twenty years ago in Asia, thread lifting has gained newfound popularity due to important changes in the technology. Each strand is covered in small barbs that when placed under the skin, hook and pull the surrounding tissues back into a lifted position. Originally made from metal or wire, the first generations of these threads caused many problems if they were placed incorrectly and were in effect permanent unless surgically removed. Since then, manufacturers of dermal threads now make them out of a dissolvable material designed to disappear in about 6 months’ time. Once the material has dissipated, the scar track and additional collagen that has been stimulated should continue to hold the tissues in their uplifted place for upwards of a year.

Thread lifting can be used to treat a great variety of areas on the face and neck, including but not limited to the face and cheeks, jawline, neck, and smooth threads can even be used to get rid of the dreaded “tech neck” creases. Implanted in-office under local anesthesia, threads are a less invasive way to achieve a lift for those who want an alternative to surgery or aren’t at an advanced stage of aging.

Like with any other procedures, a thorough evaluation and treatment plan by your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon is the best way to assess what avenue is best for you. Contact us today to learn more about these and the other fantastic anti-aging options we offer!

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